Dutch Harbor, here we come!

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  1. muchohucho says:

    Hopefully you’ll get a taste of those cod. And hopefully, the galley will be rewarding. When I was in Akutan working at Trident, It didn’t take me long to discover that the late shift dinner was run by a Thai crew. Now they made good food! I completely re-arranged my schedule to eat dinner at 11PM ! So there’s this sense of complete timelessnss on a boat like that. Its always going non-stop it seems, assuming the deliveries are coming in. The crews in Dutch and Akutraz were amazingly diverse, not sure they always got along xtremely well with each other, they had their cliques, but its really remarkable. Not sure you can get that anywhere else. Stay safe you two! And sane! don’t let anything get to you, its a purpose and you’ll be back off the ship and on dry stable ground soon enough!

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