What Refreshes Your Soul? Why I Want to Start Blogging.

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8 Responses

  1. Mbcota says:

    I’m in….(but you still have to do dishes)

  2. karhy says:

    Ok I think I figured it out. Love your blogs. Just remember to be safe in all your endeavors. You are loved

    • Angela says:

      cool! did you find the subscribe button? if you find it and put your email address in you’ll get sent updates whenever a new post comes out! thank you so much for the well wishes we can’t wait to visit you!

  3. thomas cappiello says:

    Wow Angela, so excited for you, glad that you are going to share this too. I’ll be staying tuned. I want to say I am envious, but that’s sucha cop out, right? I loved my brief period in my life years ago, when it was just me and my van, and wherever time and money would let me go. I ran into to misfortune, got bitter as a result and never looked back. Now I am shackled to probably artificial securities, income, house, partner, toys, etc. You go for it, I’ll be living it too, through you. I truly hope to meet up with you very near in the future, meet this amazing boyfriend of yours (buy a knife, of course) and a few sips of Jack.

    • Angela says:

      Thanks Thomas! if all goes well we will be in your area may or june-ish ! funny…. from my point of view you’re living the dream! gardening, fishing, job in AK….. if I had it together enough I would want something like that too.. .. with vacation time saved up for warm winter vacations… :)

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